Our On-Site Events

*Exclusive to professionals in the industry*​​​

03/01/2017 Opening Day

10/22/2017 First Annual Holiday Open House

03/04/2018 First Spring Show and Seminar 

10/27/2019 Upcoming: Annual Holiday Open House

Who We Are 

The freshness and quality found at the vendors of the Exchange is second to none with flowers and products arriving daily, you'll find the products you need for your customers.

​Coupling our fresh floral products, the New England Flower Exchange includes vendors who specialize in hard-goods and decor affiliated with the floral industry, including vases, ribbons, terrariums, and decorative supplies, event rentals plus much more.

Business buyers for their respective companies have the opportunity to come on-site and view product directly before purchasing- engaging their five senses in the buying process. Every morning, before the sun rises, wholesalers put out beautiful flower displays, inspiring creativity and design for you- their floral professional customers. While equipped with decades of product knowledge and care practices, salesman are ready to give a helpful hand.

Buy a bunch, buy in bulk- one of the few locations in New England to still do so.

Catering to your small fills and your whole full-service events.

Buy off the floor, receive deliveries, whichever style works for you.

Offering a vast variety of fresh cut flowers and potted plants, both locally-grown and from around the world, the options are expansive and cater to seasonal tastes. Open year-round, this convenient location in Greater Boston offers high quality products in a one-stop location for you.

What We Do

Contact Information

Hours: Mon - Fri 5am - 12pm noon

Sat 6am-10am*, Sun 6am-10pm*  

​​​*Please see Calendar for closed and open Saturday/Sunday information.

Email: newenglandflowerexchange@gmail.com

Social Media

Instagram: @newenglandflowerexchange

​Unofficial Facebook: New England Flower Exchange

At the New England Flower Exchange, we are a community of 9 wholesale vendors, 3 event florists, and a full-service staffing agency under one roof, With some of our vendors being loyal to this mission of community in the floral industry for almost half a century, and others coming in just recently to the area, we are constantly doing our part to be as forward and evolving every year, while still keeping to the service standard and tradition you know and have become accustomed.

With competitors, ranging from:

Small Family-Run Wholesalers to International Multi-destination Corporations
1st Generation woman-owned Event Florists
3rd Generation Family-owned Growers & 2nd Generation Wholesalers to a 1st Generation Immigrant-owned business
(Plus, a staffing agency on-site, as well!)

You'll find everything you need as a floral industry professional in our 64,000 square foot facility.

Standing together, we give our customers the one-stop location, buying power, professional resources and location they deserve! 

We aren't just one niche- we have many niche businesses operating on-site here to create something unique!