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Kinship Floral

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Email: kinshipfloral@gmail.com

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Our On-Site Events

​*Exclusive to professionals in the industry*

​​​03/01/2017 Opening Day

10/22/2017 First Annual Holiday Open House

03/04/2018 First Spring Show and Seminar 

10/27/2019 Upcoming: Annual Holiday Open House

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Monroe Staffing Agency

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Poppy Floral

Poppy Floral Studio                                               ​ 

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2nd Floor Directory

Floral Lab

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Overall, we are a pretty quiet bunch, but...

Check out our News Page to see some of our updates, as well as some of our features in local news!

Moving in 2017, we were generating ideas about what would make this Exchange progressive and extraordinary, while keeping to tradition. Many ideas were bounced around and it is what opened our minds and doors to have design studios operate on-site, with wholesalers, to the benefit of both parties. In this ever-changing world, our sense of floral community is strong. Never before in the Greater Boston area have designers and wholesalers shared a home in this way. We are hoping to stand as a leader in this  redefinition of our relationship with our customers.

Please welcome some new members to our Exchange community! Local event florists, plus a staffing agency to continue your networking and professional connections/resources. Poppy Floral joined us for opening in 2017, and everyone else has as of 2019!